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    4 ways to Treat Premature Ejaculation

    Millions of men have experienced the embarrassment and frustration of  PE- premature ejaculation- at least once and have sought treatment for it. Many people today have the false assumption that surgery is the only treatment available but this is not the case. There are many medications for premature ejaculation treatment, Here are four non surgical things to help premature ejaculation, right now, at home:


    Reduce anxiety.

    While it has been shown that PE is not solely a mental or anxiety related issue being overly stressed, anxious, or depressed does feed into the problem and can make it worse. Finding a way to chill out a little before and during sexual activity can go a long way in helping overcome PE. Relax and remember that you are more likely to be upset about premature ejaculation than your partner is and the fact that you deal with PE does not mean you cannot still be satisfying in bed. Here are some tips to relax in the bedroom tonight:

    • Take climaxing down a notch on the check list. Instead of viewing intercourse as merely a way to achieve climax, look at it as an opportunity to be with your partner and enjoy a quiet intimate moment.
    • Look at the moments leading up to and involving the act of sex as relaxing, pleasurable and focus on enjoying the time with your partner.
    • Discuss this approach and shift in focus with your partner and they can make sure they are supporting you and not pressuring you, intentionally or unintentionally.


    Distract yourself a little with nonsexual thoughts.

    If you notice yourself getting too excited, and feeling like you are going to climax too soon, shift your focus onto something less arousing. Think about baseball, being stuck in traffic, paying bills or something else that is not sexually stimulating.

    • Only dwell on it long enough for a quick break to give yourself control again- 5 to 10 seconds is usually enough- then refocus your attention back to you and your partner. Avoid thinking of a topic that is going to make you stressed or cause you to lose your arousal entirely.
    • Even if your ejaculation occurs sooner than you would like during intercourse, both you and your partner can still enjoy a great sexual experience. Focus on continuing the pleasurable simulation by indulging in extended, intimate, attentive bedroom play before or after intercourse.


    Try edging.

    Edging is the common term used for the act of practicing orgasm control, is the practice of edging yourself closer to climaxing and maintaining the highest level of sexual arousal while delaying ejaculation. This is one of the most common methods for premature ejaculation self help. It takes practice, but it gets easier over time. Edging can be successfully practiced one of two ways:

    • Stop-and-start method: engage in intercourse or sexually stimulating play as usual until that feeling that you are getting close to orgasm. Cease all stimulation, immediately and completely, for at least 30 seconds. Control your breathing and stay calm during this time, then start again. Repeat this pattern until ejaculation is achieved. Even if you only make it one round, keep using this method and see how long you can extend your time before ejaculation.
    • Squeeze method: Have intercourse normally until you come to the edge of climaxing. The quickly stop all stimulation and grip your shaft tween your finger and thumb, at the base of the shaft and firmly squeeze. After squeezing for a few seconds, wait another 30 seconds and then resume intercourse or stimulation. Repeat over and over until you’re ready to ejaculate.


    Change up the bedroom positions.

    Some of the positions couple use during intercourse and foreplay put less pressure on the more sensitive parts of the penis and thus make it easier to hold off ejaculation. So consider your normal positions and see what new positions might work better:

    • Try “passive” positions. Examples of these are having your partner on top, laying side by side, and opting for more hands on foreplay at first.
    • Avoid “active” positions. Of all the sex positions couple use, missionary and rear-entry positions are some of the ones that place the most stimulation and cause the most friction in the penile area. So consider trying something else ad see how your PE symptoms improve.
    • Take it slower. Faster and harder usually brings about climax sooner so slow down, take your time, and enjoy the moment. It’s not a race so find ways both you and your partner can slow things down and extend the moment, and the pleasure.


    These are just some of the ways PE can be treated without risky surgery. Sometimes the best treatment for premature ejaculation is contact the Premature Ejaculation Clinic and speak to our Clinicians.