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    Myths and Truths About PE

    Across the male population, premature ejaculation, also called PE and is the condition that causes men to cum too soon during sexual intercourse, is the number one sexual fear men have. In all of the adult age group brackets, as any as 30 percent of men report problems with at least some level of poor ejaculatory control. As men get older and advance in years, erectile dysfunction is a much more common condition—and gets all the headlines and the bulk of the medical attention and treatment trials. However, across all demographics ages 18 and up, PE affects a large percentage of men and many are looking for medication for premature ejaculation treatment or any other options that are out there for them.


    Because of this, PE has given rise to a lot of what could be conventional wisdom, that may not necessarily be true or accurate. For example, it is commonly believed that the men who lack ejaculatory control deal with anxiety or depression and it is more of a problem with their mental focus. But researchers from the renowned University of Medicine, in Australia, surveyed 492 men, between 18 to 74 years of age, and 80 female partners and found that stress and anxiety are not necessarily the cause of PE issues. They also reveal many prevalent beliefs about PE and premature ejaculation self help options which are actually myths or misconceptions:


    • Myth: PE sufferers suffer from anxiety, depression, nervousness, and other mental focus issues that cause them to lose control during sex. Truth: Most of the men who deal with PE have anxiety levels that are well within what is considered the normal range that the rest of the population deals with.


    • Myth: If someone has PE, you will experience it all the time each and every time they have sex. Truth: it’s often more of a random situational occurrence. PE that occurs with one lover may not happen with another or one night there may be no issue and the next day there is problems. This is normal and this is very common! But you can also make a lot of headway with premature ejaculation self help treatments and therapy.


    • Myth: PE chances and occurrences is almost exclusively tied to age. Truth: PE prevalence has shown to stay remarkably steady throughout the male lifespan from 18 to 80. There can be spikes of highs and lows and small improvements based on other factors but age alone is not the sole deciding factor for whether someone will have PE.


    • Myth: Men who have PE find it stressful but their partners are even more bothered by it than they are. Truth: Compared with their men, women are not usually bothered by PE issues in the bedroom. If they are upset or bothered by it, the issue usually has more to do with the stress and anxiety they see it causing for their partners.


    • Myth: Men can know that they have PE if they ejaculate after only two minutes of insertion. Truth: Many men who are surveyed say they last longer than two minutes but still consider themsleves as suffering from PE. Fixation on the length of time spent in intercourse misses the point of a PE diagnosis. The issue is not solely focused on the duration of sexual intercourse but more on the lack of control over ejaculatory timing.


    • Myth: PE treatments are not effective and the condition has become “medicalized,” and the treatment usually prescribed is anti-depressants. Truth: Only an estimated 10-12 percent of surveyed men reported that they had tried any drug treatment and of all the reported medical treatments sought, anti-depressant are the least reported.


    So if you have been struggling with symptoms of PE, it is not all in your head, it is not an imagined condition and there is something you can do about it! Talk to our doctor today about your symptoms and the treatments for premature ejaculation that are best for you and help put an end to the stigma of PE.